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Designer Inspired VOTE 2020 WEEKENDER Tote

Designer Inspired VOTE 2020 WEEKENDER Tote

Designer Inspired VOTE 2020 WEEKENDER Tote

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Voting is not just cool, it's one of the things that makes our country special. Express our power as a democracy with our oversize, wide-mouthed, open tote. We love this extremely durable canvas with one of our favorite designs. It's a way to adult fashionably while also holding everything from beach towels to gym clothes from groceries to your F*ck Trump T-shirt laundry haul. Note the rope handles ... this is not flimsy and neither is our democracy!

  • 100% spun polyester
  • T-shaped bottom for holding all of your extras
  • Laminated lining so your liquids won't stain
  • No closure -- this is a "throw and go" kind of bag!
  • 24"L x 13"W x 5.52" Depth
  • Handle height: 11.42"

Customer Reviews

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Omg "I'm fine" is soooooo me. Got this for myself then immediately got one for my bf. The long sleeve is soo good. Got a S for me and fits great. I'm usually a s/m.

Devi, NYC

Mona Lisa Kamala Harris is AMAZING!!!! Got it in black and the USPS shirt (wth, it's so good too!). Haven't taken them off. Usually a M/L. Wanted them a touch fitted, got a M and love em. Buy these!!!

Crystal, Chicago

Vote 2020. Got it in both colors. Literally getting stopped IN THE STREET about these. Should have gotten the mask too ...  

Jesse, Nashville

Got the Make Racists Afraid Again hat in red. It turns heads (especially with my liberal friends). Great quality - I like that it's embroidered.

Craig, Austin

Where has this store been all my life? Bought a bunch - trusted the size guides - which was good. Stuff is really affordable and super chic. Couldn't decide between black or white on some things so got both. Free shipping was nice. Will be back- curious about future collections.

Eliza, NYC

F Trump all the way. Wish I had this shirt in early July! Could have worn it during protesting but whatever, I'm wearing it now!!! So cozy, followed size guide & fit is good.

Tara, Wash. DC