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Update: As of July 15, a judge in Los Angeles has granted Britney Spears her request to hire her own attorney, a right she'd previously been denied. Britney Spears broke down in tears at her court hearing yesterday, saying she is "extremely scared" of her father and telling the court "I'm here to get rid of my dad and charge him with conservatorship abuse." And we're here to help show off our support in the best way we know how -- making cute Free Britney uniforms so that she can see us all around the world cheering her on.  We may not be lawyers, but hey, its the thought that counts. 


Everyone by now has seen the Framing Britney Spears documentary put out by the NYTimes, showcasing the tragic circumstances that our pop queen has found herself trapped in for the past 13 years. We've been following the #FreeBritney movement since last year, most notably joining a protest during her last court case in Los Angeles. That's when we decided to design our Free Britney tshirt, a design inspired by the youthful, fun, pop period that made such an impact on our teenage years.

free britney shirt save britney spears tshirt

We designed the tees so that we could raise awareness about the #FreeBritney movement started by a group of unwavering awesome fans, and supported by what seems to be the entire internet.  Being an activism inspired apparel line, we thought that sales from our shirts could help donate funds to the ACLU, who has offered legal advice and services to Britney and others in need of help with their conservatorship cases. 

free britney spears shirt

Conservatorship Abuse happening to Britney Spears has brought to light how wildly tragic, unlawful, and outright dangerous conservatorship abuse can be. If you haven’t seen the new Netflix movie I Care a Lot, the dark comedy starring Rosamund Pike it’s a great overview of how shady the business of “caring for others” can be. 

Haven't heard of the #FreeBritney movement? Here are some great breakdowns by our favorite publications: Harper's Bazaar, Time, Rolling Stone