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Show Your Anti-Gun Violence Support

anti gun violence tshirt arms are meant for hugging cute womens shirt

7 mass shooting in 7 days, this is America folks. From the AAPI targeted shooting in Atlanta where we tragically lost lives of 8 Asian American women, to the gunman in the Boulder Colorado grocery store who took the lives of 10 more, it's sad to say these aren't even the first mass shootings of 2021. We support the right to bear arms and the right to protect and defend oneself, but we believe that no one, especially people with mental health issues, needs access to automatic assault weapons with the ability to take dozens of lives in a matter of seconds. 

Sitting with the sadness inside the protection of our own homes, we made our Arms Are Meant For Hugging tshirts  to show our support for ending gun violence through passing bans on assault weapons in the United States.