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Choose To Challenge with 2021 International Women's Day

We love supporting women past and present who are shattering glass ceilings, founding companies, building, and scaling their own entrepreneurial businesses, climbing the corporate ladder, mothering our next generations, and shattering the glass ceilings all over the place, including politics.

Today, on International Women's Day with this year's theme being "Choose To Challenge" and our inability to gather in large crowds as we may have historically done, one of the best ways you can support is by shopping women owned businesses ... particularly those like Dream Learn Do More who also give back to supportive causes.


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In an article posted today by USA Today:

Change comes from challenge — and that is the message organizers of International Women's Day 2021 hope to trumpet Monday. 
"A challenged world is an alert world," the International Women's Day website says. "We can all choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality." 
Gender parity in government, workplaces, health care, sports and media coverage is achievable through individual change, organizers say. They hope this year’s theme for International Women's Day — #ChooseToChallenge — will inspire individuals to challenge biases, question stereotypes and celebrate the achievements of women around the world.
In past years, International Women's Day was celebrated with festivals, marathons and other events across the world. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, most events will be virtual. They range from a Zoom painting event in Sydney to an online marathon in Singapore. 

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